Omegle and Child Porn Dangers

The Internet is a dangerous place. What starts off as innocent chat can lead to getting arrested for things like soliciting a minor for sex, transmission of harmful material to a minor and even sexual battery.  Many adults go on Omegle for live video random chat.  What people do not know is that you can end up chatting with a cop.  You can end up unknowingly chatting with a minor.  As a Florida sex crime lawyer, I have handled cases that started off on Omegle and ended up in the criminal courts.  I once represented a young man who thought he was video chatting with an adult only later to find out the young lady was underage.  Unfortunately, even though she sent him nude video pics and said originally she was an adult, it turned out later that she was 15.  He fell for a young girl that was out to have a sexual encounter.  In Florida, mistake of age is not a defense.  Even if a fifteen year old lies, even if she has false ID, it is not a defense because a 15 year old cannot consent to sex. 

It is even worse when the girl is seventeen.  Even if she looks 25, sometimes the man can still get arrested if he is over 24 years of age.  The Internet is Dangerous and you cannot believe anything is real or anything is the truth.  I have handled over 40 Internet sex sting cases and almost every one of them, the man was not looking for a child.  In almost every case, it was a police undercover officer, pretending to be an adult, and then later claiming to be a child.

Here are a few helpful tips.  Never chat with a minor about anything.  Nothing good comes of that.  Never, no never, send a dick pic to anyone, even an adult.  You don’t know that they are really an adult and if it turns out to be a minor you can find yourself being arrested, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced to State prison and become a registered sex offender for life.  Over and over I have represented men who absolutely had no intention of hooking up with a minor.  The undercover police chatters are “masters of seduction” when it comes to luring men into traveling to meet a minor. They will work the men with compliments, like, “you are really cute”, “guys my age are so stupid and immature”, “I am not very experienced”, “I bet you can teach me things”.

There is another great Internet danger.  Some of the Internet dating sites match up people with GPS programs.  The cops post as an adult female 19 or 20.  The dating site matches the profile with an adult guy 20 to 25.  After the random match, the undercover cops say “sorry I lied, I am really only 14” or something like “I can’t drive yet” or “I am still in school.

Common sense is that any one hearing that should walk away, but the cops are really good at luring guys in.  They will say “my mom is away for night”  or “I have the house to myself” or “my parents are away for the weekend”.

Guys….Newsflash…There are no real 14 or 15 year old girls that want to hook up with some older dudeIT IS ALWAYS A COP!.    Some people think that if you ask a person if they are a cop they have to tell you the truth.  That is a total myth and 100% untrue.  They don’t call them undercover cops for nothing.

My advice….Stay off Internet dating sites….NOTHING IS REAL….Stay off random video chat sites like Omegle.  The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

Defending sex crime cases is tough and  public opinion is always against you.  As a sex crime lawyer,

I try to warn people about the dangers of the Internet.  It is particularly dangerous for young socially introverted young men and even more dangerous for men with a disability like autism or a learning disorder.  The police prey on weak young lonely introverted men.  The get the low hanging fruit and the weak young guys that fall for the bait and switch.  They claim they are protecting the public, but the truth is, they are the sex predators.