Major Child Pornography Arrests in Polk County

Attorney Peter D Aiken
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Sheriff Grady Judd was on television again announcing the arrest of sixteen men in the latest Polk County kiddie porn bust.

The details have not emerged but it is believed the Sheriff’s department ran a child pornography sting. All across Florida there has been a major crackdown on anyone possessing or distributing child pornography. The latest operation was labeled “Operation Guardians of Innocence”. Many of the men arrested were charged with multiple counts. The penalties are huge for possession and even worse for distribution. Under the Florida sentencing guidelines, the State Attorney can run the penalties through the roof simply by the way the case is filed.

In Sarasota, the prosecution has been filing 40 counts in each case running the sentencing guidelines up over the twenty year mark. Yes, a person can go to jail for decades for just looking at pictures. I have been fighting hard against what I call guideline manipulation. Many men charged with possession of child porn are getting sentences that are longer than if they actually molested a child. It is pretty bad when you can do more time for looking at a picture than actually doing the act.
In the sex stings, the police can often tempt men into sending “dick pics” to what they think are young girls.

The best way to not get charged with a crime is to not commit the crime. Never send a picture of your penis to anyone. Absolutely never send an inappropriate penis shot to anyone even remotely a minor.

The best policy is to never send one to anyone. Gay men are particularly at risk when it comes to sending or receiving illegal pics. The police undercover detective will go on a gay adult dating site like “Grinder”. After engaging another man in chat, they will casually mention that they are really a minor. If a “dick pic” is sent after that, the person sending the pic can and often is arrested for transmission of material harmful to a minor or solicitation of a minor. Never travel to meet a minor and demand proof of age for everyone.

Over the years as an experienced sex crime attorney I have handled many child pornography cases all over Florida. These cases can be defended but it takes a real knowledge of the Internet, computer transmissions and the tactics and techniques used by the police.

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If you or a loved one have been arrested or are under investigation for possession of Child Pornography or sharing Child Pornography in Florida and need to talk, give me a call at 941 366 3506. My criminal defense offices are in Sarasota and Ft. Myers but we handle cases in multiple counties throughout Florida

Con los años yo he llevado muchos casos de pornografía infantil en la Florida. Estos casos se pueden defender pero se necesita un conocimiento real de la Internet, transmisiones de computadoras y las tácticas y técnicas utilizadas por la policía. Si usted o un ser querido ha sido detenido o está bajo investigación por posesión de pornografía infantil en la Florida y necesita hablar, llamame a 941 366 3506. Mis oficinas de defensa criminal están hubicados en Sarasota y Fort Myers pero manejamos casos de múltiples condados en la Florida.

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