COVID and computer crimes

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With more and more people staying home, and more and more people feeling depressed and lonely because of the social distancing, computer crime is on the increase.  Lonely men on dating sites looking for adult companionship sometimes fall for the bait and switch by the undercover chatters in the various Internet Sex Stings

Police are trolling the Internet, particularly the gay hookup sites, trying to entrap men into compromising chat and sometimes luring and seducing them into traveling to meet a minor.  Do not give in to any type of temptation to meet an underage person for any reason.  If you are on Grinder or any type of site like “” and anyone even hints they are underage, immediately stop chatting.  If they ask for a phone number, do not give it.  If they want to text, do not do it.  It is always a cop.  There are no underage girls or boys on the Internet looking for “experience” or an “older guy”.  It is always the police.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never send a “dick pic” to anyone.  There is a scam running on the Internet now, where a person pretending to be an underage teenager will trick someone into sending a “dick pic”.  After that, a person pretending to be the father will contact you demanding money.  It is a scam.

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There is another scam where after sending a pic, you will be contacted by a person pretending to be the police offering a “diversion program” or counseling for a fee in return for not being arrested.  This is a one hundred percent scam.  Do not fall for it.

The Internet is a dangerous place and the Internet world is full of scammers looking for a way to get your money.  The police will never ask you for money.

There has been an explosion of child pornography cases.  I suspect that some “bad cops” are actually posting links to child pornography sites.  There is a law that they cannot transmit child porn, but nothing stops them from posting links to child porn sites in chat groups, and then prosecuting people when they go to those sites and look at it or download it.

If you are contacted by the police, and you feel that at some time you may have in some way done something improper, do not try to talk your way out of it.  Do not consent to allowing the police to take your computer or cell phone.  If they have a search warrant, do not resist.  But if all they do is threaten to get a search warrant, do not give in, or agree or provide them with anything.  In America, you have the right to an attorney.  You need to exercise that right and “lawyer up” immediately.  Never consent to an interview.  It will never help you and only hurt you in the long run.  If you have questions, call a lawyer, a sex crime lawyer immediately.