Juvenile Charged with Child Pornography


A high school student in Ponderosa was charged with child pornography after a school security officer started an investigation after hearing about a video circulating in the high school showing two students engaged in sex. The kids, age 15, were secretly videoed having sex by a third student. The young woman claims she was unaware of the video being made. Child pornography charges can end up in a prosecution that can result in a young person being labeled a sex offender, for life.
Kids just do not realize how incredibly dangerous it is, in this the age of cellphones, to take compromising video footage. Young girls can be charged with transmitting kiddie porn by taking videos of themselves and sending it to their boyfriends .As a sex crime lawyer I see situations where minors simply do not appreciate the consequences of what they do. Even worse are the situations where college students are seen with a drunk passed out coed in what is typically referred to as a “gang bang” situation. In those cases actual rape charges are often filed. Taking a video not only provides evidence, but it is a crime. Young female students need to become acutely aware of the consequences of allowing themselves to be photographed and cautioned to never send any footage of “naked” pics to anyone. Even if a girl is technically an adult, sexy pics sent to a then “boyfriend” can come back to haunt them later in life.
At our criminal defense firm we often defend juveniles. Nothing is worse than seeing some stupid mistake jeopardize the kid’s entire future. Sexual promiscuity on college campuses here in Ft. Myers is rampant and sometimes young students have second thoughts afterwards and claim “rape”. They claim that the sex was nonconsensual or that they were drunk or drugged. It is true that there are some instances where sexual battery charges are justified, but often, the claim of nonconsensual sex weeks or months later is simply false. False allegations happen all the time and most of the time, the police buy into the girl’s version without really investigating the facts. As a parent, nothing is worse than seeing your son being arrested on false allegations by some young coed. Sex crimes are mostly one on one, “he said, she said” situations.  Getting into a case early and having a top notch investigator round up the evidence before it is lost is critical. If your son or daughter is under investigation, contact us immediately. Do not let them make a statement. Do not let them meet with the cops. Confession may be good for the soul, but they put your body in jail. If you need help with a sticky situation, contact us for a strictly confidential consultation. Even if you do not hire us, what you say will never be repeated or disclosed. In Ft Myers, you can call us and schedule an appointment at 239 334 8890 or in Sarasota, call 941 366 3506

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