Under Investigation or Arrested for Child Pornography?

Attorney Peter D Aiken
State and Federal
Child Pornography Defense Attorney

January 2017

If your house has been searched, your computer seized or you have been contacted by law enforcement, call Attorney Peter D Aiken
State and Federal Child Pornography Defense Attorney immediately before you get arrested, charged or taken away.
Peter Aiken, a sex crime lawyer, has thirty years trial experience in defending State and Federal cases throughout Florida. As a former Federal Agent and Federal Prosecutor and veteran criminal defense lawyer he has aggressively defended kiddie porn cases for years.
Federal Child Pornography charges are serious will land you in Federal prison. The State has zero tolerance for child porn and aggressively prosecutes even minor offenses. Defending Child pornography prosecutions requires knowledge and experience of computers, the Internet, peer to peer programs, applications and an understanding of how the State investigates and prosecutes these types of sex crimes.
Not all criminal defense lawyers understand child pornography defense

You may have a good defense:

Were you entrapped?
Was your computer taken illegally?
Were you advised of your rights?
Can they prove it was you on the computer?
Did they trick you into a confession?
Is the search warrant valid?
Do you share your computer with others?
Was you Wi Fi illegally accessed by others?

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Federal Laws are horrible when it comes to child sex crimes. State prosecutors regularly run up the State sentencing guidelines by charging multiple offenses. The law is complicated and a successful defense requires experience, determination and aggressive action.
Call 941 366 3506 and talk with Peter Aiken about your case
Speak now with a real sex crime lawyer and not some referral service!

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