Why have child pornography arrests increased?


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Hardly a day goes by in Florida without another child pornography arrest. The latest was this week in Lakeland. Has the viewing and transmission of kiddie porn increased or has law enforcement just gotten better at detecting it? Over the last ten years, there has absolutely been in increase in the viewing and sharing of child pornography. With the technological advances in computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, child pornography at any time is just a click away. The peer to peer sharing programs have undercut the profit motive of the people that in the past produced and sold the images and videos of under aged children performing sex acts. Now child pornography is free, just a click away. A person viewing or possessing it is also just a click away from being detected, arrested and prosecuted.

Law Enforcement really is watching what you are doing

The providers, the search engine companies and law enforcement now cooperate on a daily basis monitoring what is going and coming from your computer. All images and videos have what is known as a “hash value”. It is like a fingerprint unique to that image. Many child pornography images and the victims have long since been identified and the government has a catalogue of known illegal images. When one is transmitted or received there is a record of the IP address from which it came or went to. That information is gathered and provided to law enforcement on a daily basis. The FDLE and local detectives regularly gather this information and then subpoena the provider to find out where the address is located. A search warrant is then obtained and before you know it, there is a knock on the door with someone screaming “Open up, Police, we have a search warrant”. The police always try and trick the occupant into some admission about passwords or search history. After the computer is seized as evidence, it is forensically examined and the police are on their way to a successful prosecution.
Are you under investigation now? Are they watching your computer activity?

If you have downloaded child pornography recently or if you are part of a peer to peer network, the answer is probably “Yes”. The best way to avoid arrest is to not commit the crime. If you are watching this stuff, quit. Seek professional help and get counseling. If you continue to watch child porn, it is only a matter of time until you are arrested. On the other hand, although confession may be good for the soul, it is bad for the body. They put your body in jail.

If you are contacted, lawyer up!

You have seen it on television. You have the right to remain silent. Keep your mouth shut!
You have the right to an attorney. Call one immediately
Anything you say will be used against you. You better believe it will.
The only words out of your mouth better be “I want to talk to a lawyer”
Remember, a fish would not have gotten caught if he had not opened his mouth
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